One Simple Trick for Keeping Your Guns Incredibly Clean

Dirty GLOCK (courtesy


A lot of our readers like to clean their guns. They find it soothing and reassuring. Me…not so much. My usual trick for cleaning my guns: get someone else to do it who liked doing it.

For those of you who share my aversion to carbon crud, toothbrushes, and solvents and can’t impose on an OCD ballistic BFF, an ultrasonic cleaner is the simplest solution.


The Hornady Hot Tub (our review here) above costs a pretty penny (about $699) but it’s way more thorough than even a TTAG writer’s best buddy’s manual labor. (Note: there are smaller, cheaper ultrasonic cleaners available, too.)

Disassemble, dunk, flip the switch. Wait a bit, rinse and reassemble. Done. What could be easier?

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