Gear Review: Voodoo Tactical Padded Soft Gun Case


Heading to the range can be a hassle. Especially when you’re bringing more than one gun, you can end up walking out the door with multiple cases and bags just to hold all of your ammunition and supplies. There have been a number of bags and cases marketed to make that problem go away, providing one convenient bag to carry all of your guns and gear in a self-contained package that you can just grab and go. One of the best bags I’ve ever come across is the padded rifle case offered by Voodoo Tactical . . .

For years I’ve been using a drag bag I bought online to haul all my guns and gear to the range, and while it seemed perfect at the time, the shine has definitely come off the rose. The pockets are too small, the interior isn’t padded, and the material is so flimsy that it’s starting to rip. I was in the market for a new bag anyway, but I didn’t think that I would be handed something like this as a replacement.

Starting from the outside, the pouches are relatively large and easy to use. There’s a patch of velcro to keep the pouches closed, but if that’s not secure enough for your liking each pouch also comes with a buckle to really cinch it down. The middle pouch is the biggest, with enough space for about six 50 round boxes of 9mm ammunition or other assorted and sundry items. The side pockets are just about the perfect size for three standard length AR-15 magazines or one SIG Sauer P226, and feature a central divider for dividing your stuff accordingly.


Not enough space? No problem! There’s a generous patch of MOLLE webbing on either side of the main pouches that offers sufficient space for your various attachments. personally I’ve thrown a couple of dump pouches on there to act as additional pouches, but you could also put magazine pouches or other items on there that you prefer.


The case has a small(ish) compartment right behind the pouches that’s just big enough for the upper receiver of an AR-15 rifle. I’ve used this many times to bring my 5.56 upper along with me when I have the 300 BLK upper on my SBR, as it keeps it nice and secure while traveling. There’s also a couple pouches for documents and such (if you want to keep a copy of your NFA paperwork handy, for example) and some substantial padding separating it from the main compartment. There are also two compartments for handguns, the openings of which are held closed by more velcro.


Inside the bag there’s room for two rifles to be securely carried, with pockets to place the muzzle and the buttstock as well as straps to keep the guns secure on either side of the compartment. Between the two guns is a hefty sheet of padding that will keep them from rubbing together and scratching the paint. I know some of you Rambo types don’t care about getting your guns all scratched up, but I prefer to keep my guns in the best condition possible, paint included.


The bag comes with carrying handles, and also some helpful straps on the back that let you wear it like a backpack. Especially if you have a heavy load to carry or other cases to bring, it’s nice to be able to strap your guns to your back and keep your hands free. The straps are comfortable and padded, but I did notice that there were a few times when the buckles came loose when carrying a particularly heavy load.

The bag is pretty darn good. It’s well built, has some great options, and performs well in its stated goal of keeping your guns safely encased in a soft and squishy protective shell when going from your house to the range. Personally, I’m pretty impressed with the quality and the functionality. Even compared to other cases, such as Uncle Mike’s “assault” bag, it holds its own for its price.

I think I might have to buy another one of these . . .

Voodoo Tactical Padded Soft Gun Case

Maximum Rifle Length: 46 inches
MSRP: 119.95 ($95.95 here)

Overall Rating: * * * * *
I have exactly zero complaints. A well designed bag with some good functionality that will keep your stuff organized and protected.

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