Gear Review: MEK OWB Patterned Kydex Pancake Holster

MEK Holster, c Nick Leghorn

I’m a recent convert to the “outside the waistband” style of holster for daily carry. It’s just more comfortable to me, and gives me a quicker draw when I need it. MEK Holsters is a new holster manufacturer in Texas that makes some pretty interesting looking holsters, and they sent me one for my Glock 19 to test and see if I like it. And at first glance, everything is all unicorns and rainbows . . .

MEK Holster, c Nick Leghorn

The holster looks pretty. Well, for someone who thinks a Formula 1 car is more appropriate to hang on your bedroom wall than a[n Israeli] supermodel at least. The textured kydex gives the holster a carbon fiber-esque look and feel, and the red gaskets add a splash of color in just the right place. The vacuum formed kydex gives the holster a look like it’s been melted in place on top of the gun (which it has). It’s a sharp looking design.

MEK Holster, c Nick Leghorn

Along the back there are numerous holes where you can slot your belt loops so you can adjust the carry position to fit your personal body type and preference. It’s easy to change, but the default position that came from the factory fit my body so well that I didn’t change a thing. Even the curve of the holster was just about perfect to suit me, allowing the holster to more or less disappear under my clothing. Except for one place . . .

MEK Holster, c Nick Leghorn

The bottom of the holster. The thing is just slightly too long to hide under my t-shirt when using the top set of loop holes, but if I moved those I’m guessing that the holster would completely disappear.

Wearing the holster is fairly comfortable, with the exception of the kydex material rubbing against your skin. The rear plate of kydex protrudes pretty far up past the belt line, and while it does a fine job of keeping the gun in place it also can rub your skin if you’re not wearing an under shirt. I’m thinking that after prolonged use of this holster you’ll either have a big bloody sore right where the holster rubs or a giant callous, or you could just wear a shirt between the holster and your body.

In terms of actual use, we run into another issue.

MEK Holster, c Nick Leghorn

The holster works great to retain the gun and keep it from moving around even when you’re running through an obstacle course. But when it comes time to draw the gun we run into a small issue. I have big hands, and the Glock 19 is already way too small for my liking, so I need to slip my right middle finger as far up the grip as possible while drawing in order to maintain good control over the gun. With this holster, there wasn’t enough space between the grip and the holster to get the job done — it pinched my finger and I needed to re-position my hand after the gun was drawn to be effective with the weapon.

The reason I bring it up is because otherwise, this holster is pretty great. The style is great, the retention is perfect, and it’s as comfortable as a kydex holster can get. But this one little detail — insufficient space for my hand to grip the gun properly — means that I’ll probably never wear it out of the house.

EDIT: Update from the manufacturer:


I read the review and I would like to apologize that you had an issue with the holster. I myself have relatively small hands and had never had an issue drawing my firearm. However, I have recently had a couple of customers who had the same issue you did. I have since modified my design and have created more relief for the top finger. I am attaching a photo of another Glock holster that I recently built for a customer.

Your holster is easily modifiable and I would be happy to fix it for. BTW, I would do the same for any customer who has an issue with one of my holsters.

If you’ll send me back the holster, I’ll fix it and send it back as soon as possible.

So, if you have the issues I had, looks like it’s a quick fix.


Model: Pancake Patterned OWB
Colors: Many
Price: $75

Ratings (out of five stars):

Comfort: * * * *
With the exception of the small bit of kydex rubbing against my side, it was perfectly comfortable. The weight was well distributed on my belt, and the curve of the holster fit my body quite nicely.

Value: * * * *
Price-wise, it’s right in the middle of the range. There are kydex holsters that go for much, much more than this one.

Concealability: * * * *
The gun disappears… mostly. It sticks out a bit at the bottom under “worst case scenario” conditions, but otherwise it disappears.

Overall: * * * *
It’s the issues I had drawing the gun that slammed the holster back into three star range, but the holster manufacturer offers a modified version for large mitted individuals so that basically removes my concerns. For the money, as good as you’ll get with a kydex holster.

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