Gear Review: K Rounds Conceal Carry Tactical Gun Belt

Gear Review K Rounds Conceal Carry Tactical Gun Belt

There’s a surfeit of gun belt options out there; way more than we could test and review (even if we dared try). So when we find those really good (or horribly bad) versions, we do our best to keep you abreast.

K Rounds’ Conceal Carry Tactical Gun Belt is a recent entrant to the market and the company’s second belt offering. Constructed of Mil-spec 4088 Type 7 nylon webbing and sealed with a COBRA-style quick release buckle, it’s available in your choice of black or tan in 1.5-inch and 1.75-inch widths.

The 1.75-inch model is nylon-reinforced, whereas the 1.5-inch version isn’t. Instead, the slimmer version is made of a heavier webbing that produces a similar degree of rigidity.

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In May I began wearing the black 1.5-inch belt primarily for IWB concealed carry with an IWB spare magazine (or two). I also used it for weekly OWB carry. At the time I was extremely content with my slightly more expensive EDC COBRA buckle belt, which had proven itself reliable over the course of three years.

I figured that I’d revert back to this norm after giving the K Rounds gun belt a minimum of four weeks’ EDC use, but eight weeks later I haven’t reached for any of my previous EDC belts.

There are three primary reasons why:

• The belt has proven to provide consistent retention of my holster and weapon during carry and presentation

• The hook-and-loop closure works well – all the time

• The rounded quick-release buckle and heavy webbing feel nicer than a COBRA buckle and nylon reinforcement

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As you can see above, the quick release buckle on the K Rounds belt (left in each comparison frame) is wider overall with a longer, skinnier tongue, and slightly more area to feed the belt around the retention bar. It has rounder corners and edges compared to the boxy 1.5-inch AustriAlpin COBRA buckle. A shiny, darker finish and lock indicator round-out the noticeable differences.

The COBRA buckle can support a negligible 0.2 kN (44.96 lbs.) more than the quick release buckle on the K Rounds belt (18 kN vs. 17.8 kN). With those ratings of over 4,000 lbs each, everything else on the belt will surely fail before the buckle does.

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Wearing the belt requires the same process as most COBRA buckle EDC belts. Leaving the  buckle locked, separate the hook-and-loop, feed the belt out of the male end of the buckle, then through the belt loops on your pants / shorts. If you wear any closed-loop items on your belt, you’ll want to take care to feed the belt through them at the appropriate spot on your belt line. Once through all loops, simply bring the belt back through the male end of the buckle, pull tight, and secure the tail of the belt using the hook-and-loop.

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Like nearly all K Rounds products, the very fairly-priced Conceal Carry Tactical Gun Belt is backed by a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service. If you want a custom version of the belt, they can do that, too. In fact, I had a chance to “tour” the senior craftsman’s “office” and it (as well as his catalog and custom work) certainly reflects the high level of skill he has developed through five decades of professional work.

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The K Rounds Conceal Carry Tactical Gun Belt will be my EDC belt for the foreseeable future. It serves its purpose with reliability and excellence, doesn’t break the bank, and is very comfortable. If you’re searching for a new quick release buckle EDC belt, give this one a good look.

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Last but not least, the folks at K Rounds have extended TTAG readers a 10% discount. What’s more, it’s an all-inclusive “forever” code, applicable to all items on their website with no limit on the number of orders (code not applicable for custom orders). Simply enter “TTAG01” at checkout for your never-ending discount on belts, bags, holsters, and more.

NOTE: Neither TTAG nor any of its writers receive any compensation or “kickback” related to this coupon code. 

SPECIFICATIONS: K Rounds Conceal Carry Tactical Gun Belt

Price as reviewed (1.5-inch, black): $59.99 MSRP ($53.99 with above code)
Sizes (width): 1.5-inch (buckle 2 inches wide) & 1.75-inch (buckle 2.25 inches wide)
Sizes (length): S (30″-34″), M (34″-38″), L (38″-42″), XL (42″-46″)
Belt colors: Black or Tan (both with black buckle)

RATINGS (out of five stars):

Design & Sizing: * * * * *
Simple design utilizing durable materials and finished with quality stitching. Sizing is true. The pull tab at the end of the belt is dog-eared and stays flat against the belt.

Quality: * * * * *
Not a fancy belt, a quality belt; hand-made in the USA. The webbing and thread are domestically-produced. The buckle engages and disengages very smoothly, yet holds firmly when locked. Backed by a lifetime warranty.

Durability: * * * * *
Even with sixty days (and counting) of greater-than-average use, this belt is holding up better than almost any I’ve used. The buckle is rated for 3,300 lbs. (the webbing much less, of course). The hook-and-loop tail closure stays fastened and picks up very minimal “junk,” like lint, thread, and hair.

Overall: * * * * *
A rock-solid alternative to a true COBRA buckle EDC belt, the K Rounds Conceal Carry Tactical Gun Belt performs reliably day after day. Priced right, made in the US and backed by great customer service, this belt leaves little else to be desired.

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