Gear Review: Gear Head Works TAVOR Parts

Way back in 2013 I picked up a couple of parts from Gear Head Works for my TAVOR. The TMF, or Tavor Modular Forearm, was definitely something I’d wanted. I loved the idea of integrally mounting a flashlight instead of slapping it on a rail somewhere. The FLEx, or Fulcrum Located Extra swivel, had less appeal to me and I wasn’t going to buy it until Paul, owner of GHW,  convinced me that I would definitely notice a difference in gas blowback to the face even if I wasn’t planning on using it as a sling attachment point. Okay, okay, I picked it up and am now ready to voice my opinion . . .

Yes, this is a blog so ostensibly I’m here to write and you’re here to read (not that I don’t also read TTAG incessantly). But, sometimes it’s just easier to watch, eh? Here’s the dish in video form:


If you’re still with me, let’s start with the TMF:

The TMF’s internal mount allows the use of basically any 1″ diameter flashlight. A couple lights, like the SureFire M951 style, will bolt directly to the inside bottom. Slots in the TMF allow for the mounting of Magpul MOE accessories — I’m using the Illumination Kit to mount the pressure pad — and for additional cooling compared to the factory forend. The machined front cap makes for a really nice, clean look.

Actually if there’s a cleaner aftermarket way to mount a flashlight on a rifle, I’m not aware of it. There are a couple other companies selling integral-tactical-light TAVOR forearms, but I chose Gear Head Works’ offering due to its mounting system. It seems to have the sturdiest, widest part that clamps to the flashlight and that mount itself is also very sturdily mounted to the forearm. Not that I expect this to be a high impact part for my uses, but at least one of the other options caused me a little concern for long-term durability.

The machining, fitment, and Cerakote finish were all flawless. I appreciate the small details like non-permanent thread lock compound pre-applied to the bolts along with the included allen wrenches of the appropriate size.

Included instructions were clear, even if the install is simple enough that you shouldn’t need them. That said, don’t forget to route your extra pressure pad cord under the light or otherwise out of the way so it doesn’t come in contact with the hot barrel!

Two thumbs up from me on the Tavor Modular Forearm. I don’t think I would change a thing about it. It does what I want it to do, it looks good doing it… what more can you ask for?  [EDIT: I should mention that the Primary Arms 420 lumen weapon light w/ tape switch is proving to be really great so far, definitely works perfectly in this mount, and is priced right]

The FLEx:

GHW’s Fulcrum Located Extra swivel serves two functions: it adds an additional QD swivel attachment point and it seals up the ejection port better than the factory plastic piece. I believe the “fulcrum” term comes from the fact that the QD point ends up closer to the center of balance on the rifle than either of the factory points, which makes it better for running a single point sling.

Although 2-point is my preference, especially on the TAVOR, I did find that going to single point was significantly better with the FLEx than with the factory rear QD socket. Moving the mount ‘down’ the gun meant raising the gun up on my body without having to further cinch in the sling. It brought it to a more comfortable, more accessible location. If you want to go single point, I think this might just be the only way to fly.

I’m also starting to get used to using the FLEx as the rear point in a 2-point sling setup. Instead of the rifle being held almost vertically, it moves it to more of an angle. This gets the muzzle farther out of the way when I’m walking, which is really only an issue when I have the suppressor adding to the barrel length but is still welcome. I’ll keep experimenting here, but I should probably give another shout out to Sandstorm Custom Rifle Slings since I continue to be extremely happy with the versatility of my sling — the ability to easily adjust length and transition from single- to 2-point, plus the great looks and excellent comfort were again noticed here when I changed the location of the attachment point and the sling was able to accommodate.


The “secondary” benefit of the FLEx, and the one that made me say “what the heck, I’ll give it a shot,” is that it better seals the ejection port from escaping gasses. Although I never experienced “Tavor Face,” which is apparently soot on your cheek and glasses, etc, from all of the gas hitting you in the face, I did notice that my eyes would burn and I would sometimes cough a bit when shooting suppressed (especially with dirtier-burning reloads). I thought it was just a general increase in gas coming back through the gas block and chamber and such, or maybe cleaning solvents burning off my suppressor, but then I shot it with the FLEx installed.

In the slow-mo part of the video above, you can actually see how much gas leaks out of all sides of the factory ejection port cover. You can also see how much less comes out around the FLEx. There’s definitely a bit of a concentrated jet at the back — as opposed to the all-around cloud from the OEM part — but I think I can seal that up by moving the FLEx back a touch. Even as-is, that jet goes back behind my head and absolutely is not noticeable in any way when shooting, and represents a teeny fraction of the total gas that escaped before.

Again, I wasn’t going to buy this part because I didn’t intend to use the QD socket and I didn’t think this part alone would actually affect how much gas got to the shooter’s face (plus I didn’t think I had a problem with this anyway). Turns out the FLEx completely eliminated the burning eyes and lungs I was getting when shooting suppressed. It now seems even better in this regard than my piston AR-15 (except with the AR’s gas block in “off” mode). On top of that, I may actually like it as a swivel point better than the factory one as well. For both 2-point and single-point.

Like the forearm, the machining, fit, finish, and instructions are great. Tools and thread locker included. Install was easy. Two more thumbs up.


Materials: Machined aluminum

Finish: Cerakote on TMF, anodizing on FLEx

MSRP TMF: $125 shipped

MSRP FLEx: $55 shipped

Ratings (out of five stars):

Overall  * * * * *  They’re great. They do the trick. No suggested changes come to mind. I could see the FLEx having an even tighter fitment for an even better seal, but for all I know this is as tight as it can get and still reliably fit w/out having to tinker with your rifle.

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