Gear Review: AGP Arms Folding Stock for Ruger 10/22 Takedown

Ruger’s latest version of their iconic 10/22 autoloading rimfire rifle, the 10/22 Takedown, was designed to fit into places other rifles can’t. Since the barrel slides off the receiver, the limiting factor on how small you can make the thing becomes the National Firearms Act and the mandatory 16+ inch barrel. But for those who prefer a different stock, or are looking to go the SBR route with their rifles, AGP Arms offers a folding pistol grip stock for the rifle . . .

AGP Takedown stock, c Nick Leghorn

But seriously folks, when I got the stock in the mail, the instructions seemed a bit short on detail. But in fact, they were overly verbose. Replacing the factory stock is a breeze — pull one screw out and the entire receiver assembly comes free. Once the stock is in place, you’ll notice that it operates much like a folding skeletonized AK stock — there’s a large hinge on one side, and a hefty latch on the other. It’s a tried and true design, and gives you a solid-feeling stock without all that bulk.

The stock also integrates seamlessly with your existing forend, matching the color and texture pretty closely. It’s not exact, but it’s close enough. It’s actually a slightly darker black color, somehow.

AGP Takedown stock, c Nick Leghorn

The overall design of the stock appears to have been influenced by the Magpul school of tactical awesomeness, and features a clean looking exterior with plenty of attachment points for quick detach (QD) sling mounts. The stock only comes with one QD cup adapter, but you can either move that cup to your spot of choice or get more and install them yourself.

To find out how well the stock feels, I handed the gun to a couple complete newbies. And out of all the guns I brought on that range trip, including my SCAR, my AK, and my 300 BLK AR-15, they liked this one the best. Even I have to admit, the pistol grip does add a bit of extra comfort when firing the gun.

However, with my massive hands, I had a bit of an issue gripping the rifle. It felt like the grip was just a touch too small, and was cramping my hand. I chalked it up to the chunky latch mechanism eating into the available space for the handgrip. It’s not painful, just slightly annoying.

And yes, the gun operates just fine when firing with the stock closed.

AGP Takedown stock, c Nick Leghorn

As for the folding stock, it does decrease the overall length of the rifle, but the barrel is still the longest part by far. Which is why it might make sense to turn this into an SBR — cut the barrel down to just in front of the barrel band and add some threading for a silencer, and you’d have one heck of a plinker on your hands. Plus, it would roughly fit into a clutch purse.

For what it is, AGP’s folding stock for the 10/22 Takedown does its job well.

AGP Arms Folding 10/22 Stock
Price: $99

Ratings (out of five stars):

Feel & Function * * * *
Everything works and it feels solid. Knocking off one star for my massive hands having some issues.

Overall Rating * * * *
If you absolutely need a folding stock or a pistol grip on your 10/22 Takedown, this is the best out there.

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