Gear Preview: Burris Eliminator – The Truth About Guns


When I first started submitting content for TTAG, RF told me that if I fed the site’s insatiable maw on a regular basis, I would start getting gear to review. I told my friends at work and we all had a good laugh. But here I sit with my first piece of gear. RF has been gracious enough to send me a Burris Eliminator riding atop his personal Remington 700 SPS [not shown] in .308 with 100 rounds of ammunition. I’m stoked for several reasons . . .

First, I’ve never had the pleasure of shooting a Remington 700. Second, I’ve never shot anything in .308. Third, this scope has great potential to be a really cool toy. And fourth, I get to leave the big city of Austin and head to my ranch for a weekend of shooting.

For those of you who have not heard of the Eliminator, it was debuted by Burris at the SHOT show in 2010 as a replacement for your variable power optic and laser rangefinder. Thanks to the miracles of modern science, you can now have your cake and eat it too. No more digging out the rangefinder, taking a range measurement, adjusting your scope, or figuring holdover. With the Eliminator, point, range, shoot.

And, for less than $900, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg like you would on the Barrett BORS system. Sure, it isn’t as powerful, but it also doesn’t cost $2700.

I am hoping that it isn’t too good to be true, but it might be. Here’s my plan for a thorough evaluation: I’ll start by sighting-in the Eliminator at the prescribed 100 yards, and then set my 200 yard drop per the manual. Once that is completed, I’m planning to take some test shots at various distances.

Burris says the Eliminator is good at ranging reflective targets out to 800 yards and furry targets at up to 550 yards. I have almost 800 yards at my disposal, so I should be able to test the upper threshold of the Eliminator’s abilities.

Once I feel comfortable with what she can do (and assuming I haven’t keeled over from the heat) I’m going to set up a gallery with targets at various ranges to test the speed and accuracy of this versus a traditional range and holdover method.

If you have any more tests you would like done, please let me know.

Stay tuned for my first range report. I also think I have a pig hunt lined up with my future father in law so I should have some real world tests in addition to my initial thoughts.

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