Burris Introduces Cost-Saving Tactical Optics Kits

AR-332 Tactical Optics Kit with case
Burris aims to defray the cost of tactical optics by offering bundles of some of their popular aiming solutions.

Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to spend more on a scope than a rifle. But Burris is trying to defray the cost of optics by offering some of its popular aiming solutions as affordable all-in-one kits.

Topping off a firearm with new glass is often times a painful proposition. For most shooters it causes a sharp cramp right in the pocketbook.

Whether a hunting scope for elk season or a reflex sight bound for a striker-fire pistol, it’s easy to spend more on an aiming solution than it is on the firearm itself. Burris, however, is attempting to defray some of those costs with the introduction tidy little tactical optics bundles.

The Colorado-based company’s Tactical Kits mate one of its prism sights with either a secondary red-dot site or a magnifier. In all, the Beretta subsidiary’s kits shoot to knock off more than $100 off the total price if each optic was purchased individually.

AR-332 Tactical Optics KitAR-332 Tactical Kit (MSRP $599)

The AR-332 optic aims to be a solid solution for close-quarters to intermediate shooting. The 3.5-inch long 3x optic has 60 MOA of adjustment for both windage and elevation with ½ MOA click values. The device’s Ballistic CQ reticle is designed for quick target acquisition at close range, outfitted with a circular center. But it can also reach out, with three smaller dots providing trajectory compensation out to 600 yards. The reticle is designed to handle nearly any lighting situation with three colors – red, green and black. The red and green illuminations each have five brightness settings. The AR-332 runs off one CR2032 battery and attaches via a Picatinny rail mounting system. The kit comes with a FastFire 2 red-dot sight – described in further detail below – anti-reflection device and carry case.

AR-536 Tactical Optics KitAR-536 Tactical Kit (MSRP $659)

While the AR-536 is comfortable up close and personal, the optic is meant to give shooters an edge at longer distances. At 5x magnification, the optic is ideal for more precise work at long distance and is enhanced with the drop-compensating Ballistic CQ reticle. The reticle has three color settings – red, green and black. The red and green each have five illumination settings, allowing it to adjust to any lighting situation. The optic has 60 MOA windage and elevation adjustment and can be precisely tuned with a 1/3 MOA click value. The optic itself weighs in at 18.8 ounces and measures in at 5.8 inches; it runs off one CR2032 battery and is compatible with Picatinny rails.The kit comes with a FastFire 2 red-dot sight – described in further detail below – and anti-reflection device.

AR-1X Tactical Optics KitAR-1X Tactical Kit (MSRP $539)

The Burris AR1X sight allows for fast, both-eyes-open shooting in tactical or competitive circumstance. And while it has both red and green illumination settings, the device need not even have power to function. With its Ballistic CQ 1X reticle etched onto its prism, the optic functions no matter what. But the AA battery-powered optic also can adapt to any lighting situation with five illumination setting for its red and green settings. The AR1X boast 120 MOA windage and elevation adjustment in ½ MOA increments. The unit is compatible with Picatinny rail mounting systems. The low-powered optic is also set to do long-distance work with the kit coming with an AR-Tripler, described in further detail below.

FastFire 2 Red Dot

With the ability to be top or sided mounted on both the AR-332 and AR-536, the FastFire 2 Red Dot gives each system a solid close-quarters or back-up option. The unit has a 4 MOA dot with 115 MOA elevation adjustment and 86 MOA windage adjustment. Making the FastFire even handier is its automatic brightness adjustment, which adapts to any lighting environment. The unit is low-profile at 1.8 inches and weighs in at .9 ounces. The unit uses one CR2032 battery and attaches via Picatinny Rail.


The AR-Tripler helps shooters reach out, while still facilitating both-eye-open shooting. The device works in conjunction with the AR-1X, giving the optic an additional 3x of magnification. And it’s designed to be mounted in tandem with the lower-power optic, via a pivot ring, which allows shooters to flip it to the side when not in use. The unit weighs in at 6.25 ounces and is 4 inches in length.

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