3 Laser Sights Worth Drawing a Bead On

Laser Sights
LaserMax Micro

When it comes to aiming devices, laser sights are becoming more and more popular. They are smaller, more convenient and more compatible with more handguns than ever before. Here are three laser sights definitely worth drawing a bead on.

Crimson Trace Rail Master

Crimson Trace Rail Master

The CMR-204 (green) and the CMR-205 (red) lasers are new models that also have LED lights in the same unit. They have Secure Lock technology that will match many firearms and can be removed and snapped onto another gun in seconds. The device is waterproof up to one meter and it runs on a CR-2 battery. The green model gets two hours of burn time and the red one gets up to four hours. The units can be run with both light and laser, laser only, light only, laser with strobe and just the light in strobe mode. ($270, crimsontrace.com)

LaserMax Micro

LaserMax Micro

The Micro is perfect for compact and sub-compact handguns that have Picatinny or Weaver rails. Small and lightweight, it only takes up one inch of rail space and therefore, is compatible with numerous handguns. It has a sleep mode that protects against unintentional draining of the battery—after ten minutes the laser automatically switches off. The gun owner can easily install the Micro on the rail with minimal effort. ($130, lasermax.com)

Veridian CSL

LaserMax Micro

Veridian’s bestselling unit is the C5L and most likely it is because it will fit on any gun with a rail. It has a green laser and a 100-lumen tactical light that also has a strobe setting. The unit fits snug between the muzzle and trigger guard, with no overhang to snag on a holster. It has Instant-On activation technology that turns on the laser as soon as the gun is drawn from an enhanced combat readiness-equipped holster. It runs on a CR2 battery that will last four hours with the laser alone and an hour-plus with the light and laser used together. ($349, viridiangreenlaser.com)

This article appeared in the Dec. 30, 2013 edition Gun Digest the Magazine.


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